Shop the best, but for less!!

Shop Some of your favorite brands for only a fraction of the cost.

No Restocks Ever!!

We don't restock any of our products so if you see something you like , grab it fast because it's not coming back.


How can you sell brand new, brand name items so cheap?

We work with big box retailers, as well as Amazon to buy pallets and pallets of returned, and overstocked merchandise at a fraction of the retail cost.  This allows us to pass along the discounts to you.

Are any of the items broken or missing pieces?

Because we are buying huge boxes of merchandise, sometimes filled with hundreds of items, it is impossible for us to check and/or test each item. While approximately 75% of our items are brand new in the original packaging, as with any returned-overstock merchandise, the initial Buyer may have opened and even tried the item before returning it.  So, yes.  Occasionally, items may be broken or missing pieces. 

Can I call BoxOva Liquidation to see what you will have this week?

Unfortunately, no.  We usually don’t know what we will have until RESTOCKING DAY. The best bet is to Join our Facebook Group HERE to be informed as soon as we restock.

Can I resell the items I buy from BoxOva Liquidation?

ABSOLUTELY!!  In fact, many of our customers make a nice extra income by buying from BoxOva Liquidation and quicky turning around and selling on Facebook, ebay and other places.  Buying an item from us for $10 that sells on Amazon for as much as $150 or more can certainly bring you some nice profit!

What's the one item you've sold has been resold for?

We’ve had one customer find a brand-new pair of binoculars that he paid $10 for.  He sold it on ebay a couple weeks later for $1700!!